MUSIC EXISTENCE – “Don’t be fooled by Tripp’s leading man confidence (the man wears a pocket square) and the album’s riff-heavy sense of attitude: [Their latest release] isn’t all cool-guy bluesy bluster; it’s actually an emotionally vulnerable and lyrically adept work.”

G.W. HILL OF MUSIC STREET JOURNAL – “This is great stuff. …There really is something about this.”

TOM LOHRMANN – “The music quickly fades in on ‘There’s Something’ as a percussive bass line keeps time. This funky number is very poppy and danceable; the likable melody and awesome bass groove open the song intelligently supported by solid drum parts. The vocals are written and performed well, the lyrics very descriptive and convincing yet thankfully not cliche.”

JOSHUA SMOTHERMAN OF MIDDLE TENNESSEE MUSIC – “A refreshing soundscape I haven’t heard from a pop-rock record in a while.”