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1. Broke Baby
2. Don’t Matter the Odds
3. My Darling Dear
4. Lazy Summer Day
5. You Fascinate Me
6. So Dear
7. Gorgeous Night
8. Good Intuition
9. The Stars Above
10. Veni Creator

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As music blogger Jared Wolf put it, “Bringing together a love of classic jazz and funk with a rock star sensibility that is unmistakably contemporary, Joe Tripp and the Hops have a truly singular swagger on their latest…” In short, if you are a fan of Maroon 5, Capital Cities or classic acts like Stevie Wonder this is your musical smoothie.

“Don’t be fooled by Tripp’s leading man confidence (the man wears a pocket square) and the album’s riff-heavy sense of attitude: [Their latest release] isn’t all cool-guy bluesy bluster; it’s actually an emotionally vulnerable and lyrically adept work.”

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